The Illustrator, Elizabeth Glaser
Elizabeth Glaser

Elizabeth Glaser: Illustrator

Nature is the inspiration for most of the artwork I create. I'm very intrigued by the little vignettes of the forest: The way the mushrooms grow in "hide-away" places, the tiny buds of moss and flower, the light play on ferns and tree leaves. I try to capture the mystery of the shadowy places found on the forest floor. Portraying the textures of wood, rock, and animals is challenging. The media I work in varies from oil and acrylic paints to graphite and colored pencil and ink.

Reading children's books has always been enjoyable to me. My granddaughter loves to read, and together we have amassed quite a large library. It has always been a dream of mine to illustrate such a book.

In collaboration with my sister, Annette Gagliardi, it has been an enjoyable privilege to illustrate the story of The Three Betty Goats Griff. I admire their patience and bravery in the face of the Troll's anger and frustration, as he tries to intimidate each of them. Entering their world and imaging their activities was really a test for my imagination and drawing ability. I hope to illustrate other books for children in the coming years.

I live in northern Wisconsin with my husband. We enjoy retirement and all the activities that living in the country with gardens and woods allow.