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Annette Gagliardi and Elizabeth Glaser

The Inspiration for The Three Betty Goats Griff

As an educator, I often work with the classic story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I read several versions of the story, and ask students to think about what are the similarities and differences in each version. We look at a variety of ways this book is illustrated and talk about the mood/tone of each. In addition, we discuss the characters in the story.

One time at the end of a dynamic discussion, a student said, "I think we are doing the Troll a disservice. He might be a homeless person. Or he might be grouchy because he has to live under that bridge." This statement stuck with me. For several years I asked my students: How do we treat our homeless? How do we respond to the panhandlers who populate our city streets? How do we treat people we meet who are grouchy?

I wrote this version as an alternative way to respond to the Troll than in the traditional story. The characters offer a different response at each encounter with the grouchy Troll, and as a result he is better for the attention. In the end everyone lives "happily ever after."

I hope you enjoy reading The Three Betty Goats Griff, who present a different way to respond to grouchy individuals and provide good female role models for our young readers.

Below you will see three buttons. The first two allow you to meet the Author and the Illustrator. The third button is a way to give back. We are trying to build a herd of three "Betty" goats at Heifer International. This is a wonderful way to show your support for a great organization, and for the book as well.

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